2019 Helena View Lodi Reserve Zinfandel

Embrace the allure of our 2019 Helena View Lodi Reserve Zinfandel, revealing a captivating medium to dark ruby color that enchants the senses. The brambly bouquet offers a tantalizing blend of white pepper, dried herbs, and reminiscent hints of dried meats like beef jerky, entwined with the deeper essence of old cedar and alluring baking spices. Its savory and slightly brooding nature beckons exploration. On the palate, a soft and textured sensation unfolds, brimming with the unmistakable ‘Zinfandel spice’ that carries from the first sip to the enduring finish. A delightful symphony of red cherry, red licorice, dark raspberry, and red plum flavors dances playfully, leaving a lingering essence of crushed peppercorn. The finish imparts a dusty character, adorned with dried herbs, culminating in a lasting savory allure. Truly enjoyable on its own, this Zinfandel is an experience not to be missed.