2016 Helena View Essence Napa Valley Red Wine

Experience the captivating medley of our 2016 Helena View Napa Valley Red Blend (Essence), artfully composed of 7 exquisite varieties: 28% Cabernet Franc, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Merlot, 11% Grenache, 7% Syrah, and 4% Malbec. Showcasing a fruit-forward allure on both bouquet and palate, this wine masterfully earns its title as a ‘crowd pleaser’ with technical finesse. Its medium to deep ruby color sets the stage for a delightful interplay between barrel influence and ripe fruit on the aromatic journey. Embrace the enticing essence of maraschino cherry, cassis, boysenberry, and alluring sweeter desert spices, complemented by gentle notes of Graham Cracker that emerge with time. While not overly complex on the palate, this red blend dances with flavorful charm, enticing notes of red cherry and raspberry to captivate the senses, indulging in a juicy experience. The finish leaves a lasting impression with a darker spice note, a touch of pepper, alluring cedar, dried tobacco leaf, and a hint of mocha sweetness. Although ripe, the high alcohol content of nearly 16% subtly emerges later, gracefully blending into the ensemble after multiple glasses. A harmonious symphony of diverse flavors and aromas, this remarkable wine entices, pleases, and invites you to savor every moment of its exquisite composition.