2019 Pumper Central Coast Red Wine

Indulge in the exquisite blend of our 2019 Pumper Central Coast Red Wine, a symphony of seven captivating varieties. Presenting a mesmerizing medium ruby hue, the initial scents enchant with mocha, espresso, and alluring toasted oak and cedar notes that take center stage as prominent secondary aromatics. Amidst this delightful interplay, an abundance of accompanying fruit emerges, showcasing black raspberry, dark cherry, and plum in perfect harmony. On the palate, a juicy experience awaits, tantalizing with flavors of dark licorice, ripe raspberry, red cherry, and a touch of toasted oak and dried tobacco leaf. The softness of the tannins almost goes unnoticed, gracing the palate with a light textural touch, as the finish lingers with a persistent and pleasing dryness that captivatingly embraces both the front and back of the palate. Allow yourself to be entranced by this extraordinary Central Coast Red Wine, an impeccable blend that invites you to savor each nuanced sip, leaving a delightful and lasting impression.