2020 Pumper Red Hills Lake County Cabernet Sauvignon

Experience the allure of our 2020 Pumper Red Hills Lake County Cabernet Sauvignon, crafted purely from the varietal and boasting a deep ruby hue. Cultivated amidst elevations ranging from 1,400 to 3,700 feet, the grapes of this appellation deliver an exceptional wine. The bouquet entices with the aroma of a warm winter kitchen, reminiscent of blackberry pie, mulberry, dark plum, clove, espresso, dark chocolate, and appealing dark wood-driven spices. As you savor the palate, delightful flavors of plum and blackberry unfold, offering a touch of savory allure. The woodsy and toasted oak spice notes, accompanied by crushed peppercorn, gracefully dance on the finish, creating a captivating symphony of flavors. Supported by well-integrated tannins, this wine boasts a moderate and earthy textural grip, adding depth to the experience. The first warm day of Spring finds us relishing this exquisite vintage, enticing us to fire up the BBQ and indulge in the perfect pairing of a spicy dry rub-covered steak. Delight in the essence of this exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon, capturing the very spirit of the Red Hills Lake County terroir.