2013 Helena View Napa Valley Mt. Veeder Red Wine

Embark on a sensory journey with our 2013 Helena View Napa Valley Mt. Veeder Red Wine, revealing a deep garnet hue that beckons exploration. This exquisite vintage, mesmerizes with a ripe and opulent bouquet that marries fruit and baking spices in perfect harmony. Stewed prune, akin to its luscious juice, intermingles with enchanting aromas of blackberry jam, fig preserve, oyster sauce, and balsamic reduction, complemented by delightful confectionary notes, dark licorice, milk chocolate, espresso, mocha, and a captivating array of cinnamon stick and other elusive baking spice nuances that tantalize the senses. As the wine evolves, the ripe fruit becomes even more pronounced, reminiscent of a delectable baking masterpiece. The palate celebrates the fruit-forward character, indulging in flavors of ripe blackberry, boysenberry, mulberry, and dark plum that dance harmoniously. Rounded and supple tannins embrace the palate, contributing a moderately drying and enduring quality to the finish, leaving an unforgettable impression. Impress your loved ones, especially those who adore baking, with a glass of this exceptional wine, crafted to enchant and inspire.